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You can get the information you need, when you need it

Get immediate Pink Cards and certificates of insurance (COI) that you can view on screen – no more waiting for a replacement! These documents can be printed, emailed, or sent directly to a fax.

Online and claims reporting and processing status

It’s important to report claims as soon as possible – while the information is still fresh in your mind. Let’s Connect! 24/7 can immediately provide you with a claim questionnaire. The information you provide is sent directly to us so we can process your claim immediately.

Online policy
change requests

With Let’s Connect! 24/7 you can make changes to your insurance information when it’s convenient for you.

Please note that for additions, deletions, or modification of coverage, the change will not be effective until authorized and confirmed by a licensed representative of Go Insurance. This process typically is completed within 24 hours.

Detailed policy information

Questions about your policy? Get all the information you need without even leaving your chair. The Let’s Connect! 24/7 Online Portal is easy, convenient, and ready anytime you need it – perfect for your on-the-go lifestyle!