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Many people underestimate the value of their home’s contents, and don’t see the value in obtaining content insurance. It isn’t until a fire, break-in, or other incident occurs, that expenses add up and content insurance suddenly makes sense.

If you live in a condo, you likely have insurance through your condo board. However, many condo owners are not aware that their policies through the condo board do not cover contents or personal liability. Always be sure to read and understand your insurance policies. Don’t hesitate to call Go Insurance’s trusted insurance specialists if you need help understanding your coverage!

Choosing the Right Tenant Insurance Coverage for Your Lifestyle 

It’s important to consider not only where you live, but how you live when choosing to purchase renters insurance. If you are frequently away from home for work or travel, you may be more at risk of break-ins and theft. If you own high-value items necessary for your livelihood, such as a musical instrument or specialized sporting gear, the replacement cost can be high if they were to be lost. Make sure your renters insurance policy covers content replacement costs for specific items like these.

Working from home or running a home-based business is now commonplace. If you have customers visiting your place of business, you should consider including insurance coverage for any damages caused by persons entering your home, as well as any injury they might sustain while on your premises, such as slipping on shiny floor, or stumbling on tricky stairs.

Tips For Preventing Condo/Apartment Fires

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How To Calculate The Value Of Your Content

What Does Tenant Insurance Cover?

Renters and Condo Insurance FAQ

How much does an Edmonton renter’s insurance policy cost?

Compared to home insurance, the cost for renters insurance in Edmonton is fairly inexpensive while providing a lot of security and peace of mind. Policy prices are determined by various factors such as the city/neighborhood you live in, the type of dwelling, and your personal insurance history. Choosing higher coverage limits or extra coverage will also increase the cost.

Is tenant insurance mandatory in Edmonton?

While not mandatory, landlords do have the right to ask tenants to obtain adequate renter’s insurance in order to reside in their property. Since the cost of an average Edmonton renters insurance policy is relatively low, renters insurance gives you peace of mind for very little money that you and your belongings are protected.

What factors should I consider when deciding on a rental insurance policy?

Coverage Limits

Check the maximum amount the policy covers for lost or damaged contents, living expenses should you need to stay elsewhere while repairs or services are being done, and personal liability for damages/injuries you or a guest might cause or sustain. 


Check that the amount you will have to pay upfront when you make a claim is reasonable for you.

Policy Scope

Make sure any extra needs are covered, such as specialized, high-value items, business equipment, and coverage for business liabilities if you run a business from your rental home.

How do I file a rental insurance claim?

Similar to other insurance claims, you need to contact your insurance provider as soon as possible and report your claim. An insurance adjuster agent will be assigned to you to collect all the necessary details, after which an assessment will be made, and if valid, a reimbursement amount determined.

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