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Our diverse range of carriers allows us to offer you competitive rates, and any option you need to know you’re always covered. Go Insurance’s team of knowledgeable insurance specialists are always ready to help you choose the right coverage, and find you the best rates and options. Whether you need help with a claim, or are just seeking general information, you’ll always be greeted with exceptional service from our friendly, professional team.

You’ll get the best rates and carriers, as well as:

  • Excellent payment plans
  • Convenient mobile appraisal services
  • Discounts for age, driving record, and occupation
  • Extra windshield coverage
  • Great rates on insurance for other vehicles, including ATVs, RVs, and fifth wheels

Motorcycle Insurance

We are a rider-friendly agency.

Go Insurance is happy to insure all types of motorcycles, with great policy options for any level of coverage you need. Our policies are completely customizable, and include options for increasing values for chrome and accessories, as well as side cars, trailers, and camping trailers.

From Buells, to Harleys, to Yamahas, Go Insurance is ready to help you get the coverage you need. Call one our motorcycle insurance specialists today to find out how you can get more insurance options and save!

Go Insurance supports motorcycle events such as the MS Ride and the Christmas Toy Run in Edmonton, and is a proud supporter of Belt Drive Betty.

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Hagerty Collector Auto Policy Features

Designed specifically for your classic and collector cars, Hagerty policies are so much more than insurance.

Car Insurance FAQ

What if my house is under construction? Do I need home insurance during this process?

Whether your property is being built or has been standing for 20 years, your home is subject to loss and damage, which can be covered by home insurance. Also, it’s important to note that injuries are common on construction sites, so an insurance policy may be required during construction. Check with Go Insurance and your builder for more specific information about your home, and to ensure you’re covered in the event of loss, damage, or injury.

Do I have to have photos or receipts for all major items in my home?

When you make a claim, you will be asked to supply a list of your home’s contents and a record of their value. The best way to prove ownership (and cost) of these items are sales receipts. It’s also a good idea to take photos of your belongings, because it will likely speed up the time it takes to settle the claim.

Should I make a claim with every loss?

This is really up to you. Consider this before you make a claim, though: what is the cost of the damage compared to your deductible? (The deductible is required amount of a claim that you’ve agreed to pay.)

Also, it’s important to note that you receive discounts on your premium if you’re not making claims all the time. By making a potentially unnecessary claim, you risk losing this discount, resulting in higher premiums.

When in doubt, consult a Go Insurance broker, who will be happy to help you make the decision that’s right for your specific situation.

What do I do in the event of a loss?

In the event of a loss for which you have home insurance coverage, please inform a Go Insurance broker right away. In the case of a burglary, you must contact the police as well.

Note: DO NOT dispose of any damaged goods until you receive our approval to do so.

Will my home insurance provide coverage for EVERYTHING in my home?

Not necessarily. Home insurance will provide coverage that is sufficient for most people in most situations. However, certain items such as jewelry, furs, and bicycles (among others) are subject to what’s called Special Limits. These items limit the amount of coverage you can have in your policy.

If you need a higher limit than what your policy provides, you can always purchase further optional coverage to ensure all your items are covered.

Is there one standard policy I can purchase or are there different levels?

We have several policies available to provide you with the right coverage option for you, at the right rate. A Go Insurance representative can easily help you determine which policy is right for you. To contact a Go Insurance representative, call 1.780.448.2298.

How much insurance do I need?

In order to answer this question, you would have to speak to one of our qualified Go Insurance representatives, who will be happy to provide you information based on your specific needs. We will determine the replacement value of your home and personal property in order to determine your home insurance needs.

Note: Replacement value refers to the cost of rebuilding your home, not the market value.

Who will my home insurance cover?

Your home insurance will protect the person whose name appears on the policy, in addition to the following people (if they live in the household):

  • Policy holder’s spouse
  • Relatives of both the policy holder and his/her spouse
  • Any person under 21 in the policy holder’s care
  • Dependent student temporarily residing away from home to attend a school, college, or university

What To Do In Case Of An Accident

The first action you should always take is to CONTACT US.

After an auto accident,

  • DO NOT admit fault or liability or discuss the accident with anyone at the scene other than the police.
  • First, attend to any injuries and alert the paramedics as well as the police.
  • Obtain names and contact information from any available witnesses to the accident. To make things easier on you, print off this Glove Box Accident Form and keep it in your vehicle at all times. This way, you won`t forget to take down any information you’ll need later.
  • If you have a camera, take photos of the vehicles and scene of the accident.
  • Stay safe! If you are able to put your four-way flashers on, do so. If you have traffic cones, put them out to let other drivers know to give you room. Your vehicle may be damaged, but don’t put your life at risk.

Emergency Claims






Mobile Appraisal Service

The simplest way to handle an insurance claim!

Why drive your damaged vehicle to the body shop when Go Insurance can have a Mobile Appraisal Specialist come to you? If your claim is drivable, you’re eligible. Simply fill out the form below, and we’ll send a specialist to your home or place of business for a 10-20 minute on the spot appraisal.

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